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metallic sticker 5 x 3 inchbackground with astrological insights about Aries. Stick to not only ...

metallic sticker 5 x 3 inch
background with astrological insights about Aries

Stick to not only your SUN sign

I mean, you could, of course. Everyone knows their “star sign” – and why not feature it on your  laptop?! But if your computer work is mostly creative, you might want to dedicate it to your Venus? Or personalize the notebook on your nightstand with your Moon Sign signature, if it carries your deepest emotions? You can also give a sticker to a friend and we’ll send him the matching message you want him to hear.

Tangible things work => like a TALISMAN. They carry a message. In our case: The summarized soul of the very archetype that’s the star on the glittery front.

Believe it or not. But give it a try.

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