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Can you take in the concept of having been on this earth before? Evolutionary Astrology believes that our soul reincarnates in order to evolve. Our entire birth chart, especially the Nodes, are key to unlocking the secrets of our spiritual journey.

If you’re rolling your eyes just now, let’s try this: View the Nodes as your very basic direction in life; a compass. Imagine sitting in a boat … sailing the Sea of Life from a safe harbor (South Node) into the unknown (North Node). The Nodes always lie opposite each other and represent two aspects of a single process. One cannot be understood without the other. Our South Node is the trick we know by heart (call it a talent from a past life), our comfort zone, whereas the North Node is the territory that is largely unknown to us, and might be a bit of a challenge. However, it also carries the reward of growth. The idea is to find balance between the two opposing zodiacal signs of your South and North Node = integration is key. 

The Nodes are not planets but imaginary points in the sky. We look at 6 Nodal Axis of life themes: Aries / Libra, Taurus / Scorpio, Gemini / Sag, Cancer / Capricorn, Leo / Aquarius, Virgo / Pisces.

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