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The IC / MC

Yet another axis, and again we’re talking imaginary points, not planets: The MC or Medium Coeli (upper sky) is the highest point in our chart, whereas the IC, the Imum Coeli (lowest heaven) is found at the bottom of the chart.

Maybe you’ve heard the story of the IC being the roots of a tree and the MC would be the crown where the fruits grow. Another image: The IC is your personal power source – your super private nature. It is home and ancestry and what nourishes, deep down. 

The MC is why this world needs you and what they want you to embody and live – your role in life. It is our reputation, as well as the way we seek to impress the world (and this does NOT necessarily have to be our profession / career).

Like with any of the axis (AC / DC and the Nodal Axis), balance of the two opposing zodiacal polarities is key: In the case of IC / MC you want to be aware of the fact that no tree in the world can deliver great fruits, if the roots are damaged. 

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