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Mutable Air 

Talk to me! The master communicator is mentally agile, curious, and flexible. Gemini loves to talk, to gather information, and gossip – the more, the better. No judgment. No limits. They jump freely and frequently from one topic to the next, never really diving deep, always on the go, looking for the next piece of information, much like a butterfly on a mission. Variety and diversity rules – to the detriment of any kind of commitment. But hey, they didn’t sign up for that! Geminis come in this cool double pack, so they can divide themselves up and cover even more ground. Take the hand of this Mercury ruled sign – and they won’t bore you as they'll take you for a wild ride on the information highway. As an Air sign, Gemini lives in their head, and is turned on by any kind of intellectual stimulation. That’s their raison d’être: mind over matter. Make sure to invite them to your party, as they make excellent networkers, and are the best small talkers – actually Gemini is probably the most eloquent of the signs. Take words away from a Gemini and see them crumble.


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