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Although Uranus is the rebel, his temper is cool. This planet doesn’t believe in rules, and if there are rules, he’ll break them. We’re talkin’ real disruption. “Let’s spray L.A.!” Uranus does as he pleases, is disobedient, loves to shock, and his credo is “fuck the establishment”. Unfortunately, he sometimes doesn’t really know the alternative to “the establishment”, but what the heck. Saturn can figure that out!

Of course, all this rebelliousness can put people off. Anarchy also  comes with a certain restlessness, but how else are we supposed to make changes? A primary goal of Uranus is maximum freedom. This planet wants you to be who you are. Without a Uranian approach there is no innovation. This is why Uranus also governs technology. When Uranus is near, you won’t ever be bored.


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