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He might be known as the God of the Seas, but most of all, Neptune is fog – beautiful pink fog. Being all about idealism, this planet dissolves all boundaries, with a magic wand. Poufffff! Neptune carries the key to paradise, or so he claims in his insta feed.

Neptune governs over the arts. Neptune, much like music, might be the direct highway to God or at least get us close. We have no idea who / what / where God is, so we dream, which is the whole idea. Neptune helps us melt into our dreamworld. And yes, we might get lost. Sounds like drugs can’t be far away, right? Neptune loves everything that dilutes cold-harsh reality. Rose colored glasses work too. Any kind of escapism is Neptune-land (“please – consider me a dream”). The downside: Illusion and disillusionment often go hand in hand. Neptune hates neon light AKA disappointment. 

Themes of lying and being lied to are also governed by Neptune. He wants us to believe and see the beauty in everything. Call it naive, but Neptuns’ motive is to get us closer to heaven. If we use our Neptune placement right; turn it into art or music, they can have true healing power.

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