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How can this dwarf of a planet be the most powerful? Pluto has a reputation of playing this Phoenix trick on you. Transformation is his religion, and Pluto wants it so badly, that he won’t hesitate to burn down the whole damn house. No half heartedness with this Cowboy – he wants to own you, literally. Merging is a plutonic word.

That is why sex is also Pluto’s territory, as well as death, and psychology. Pluto is topics that scare, yet fascinate. Pluto likes anything intense, anything that goes deep under the surface. No human inferno is foreign to the Lord of the Underworld. This planet also teaches us about power. Manipulation is the low road of Pluto, as he rules the soul – and the demons inside. 

Getting to know Pluto means surrender. Let this planet lead you toward your personal hell and back. If you take his hand and dare to face your darkest fears, your deepest secrets, Pluto will release those demons for you. Remember: Light is stronger than dark. And yes, sometimes it needs to hurt to feel better. Fact is: Those who learned Plutos’ lesson will be emotionally free and strong – able to help others.

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