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My Approach To Astrology


Imagine a slot machine. At birth, your celestial one-armed bandit clicks to a stop. You stare at a set of zodiacal symbols – the “BIG 3” (Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign), which make up a big part of your personality.

Over at the poker table, you pull the rest of your cards: your hand shows the nine important planets, each in a sign and a house. It’s the mix of a planet in a sign in a house that determines the qualities of each card. The astrological aspects show how well your cards go together, complement or block each other. And that reveals the possibilities, tensions, and talents in your horoscope.

When you play your cards, wouldn’t you want to know what to do with the Queen of Hearts and how to use your Spades 7 most effectively? This is where Astrology comes in handy. It helps you know how to use your deck wisely and authentically.

Awareness is key. 

You get to decide how you play your cards – nobody else. I believe there is no such thing as a loser-deck – because each chart is perfect. It is who you are, or better => who you came here to be. Astrology can help you navigate this game called life. And your jackpot will sound even better than the coin rain in Vegas: It is a meaningful, fulfilled life.


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