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cardinal Fire

The pioneer. Courageous and bold, the Ram is the first sign of the Zodiac and loves it: It needs to be first – in life, in general. Aries world is all about courage, and they do feel like pure springtime energy. Vivid, and a bit competitive, they don’t seem to be afraid of anything; not even this dare devil inside that needs to go head in first. Call it naive, like a child running off, enthusiastic, discovering things, Aries energy is young and carefree. This sign needs action more than anything else. If they want something, they won’t hesitate to go get it. NOW is a word they’d tattoo on their forehead. No fear. No mercy, either: And this little ME ME ME undertone is something that makes them really not like to compromise. Why should they = let’s call it having a healthy sense of self. The downside: Aries tends to take everything rather personally. 

This fire sign is fast in making decisions. Actually, they do everything fast. Having a cause brings out the best in Aries, as they love to fight (with Mars being their ruling planet) for someone else, for themselves, and for no reason, too. Always honest and direct. If you have an Aries on your side, they fight for you without hesitation, even if it costs their own life.

fixed Earth

Here comes sensuality. Like the animal, this sign might be a bit on the slow side, but once aroused, it’s quite impressive in size, strengths – and will. And when on a mission, Taurus won’t move an inch. Call them stubborn, but know that they are super stable; it’s the shoulder material you can lean on. As the first of the earth signs, Taurus wants to have and to hold on to anything. They want to possess, and to preserve. So, what is it, that they want to call their own? Everything that is beautiful (Venus is their ruling planet): Chocolate, diamonds, soft cashmere and yes, cash, too. And a garden, and a house, or two. After all, for them, security rules. And sensuality: Nobody else can chill like a Taurus – and enjoy sensual pleasures. The downside is called laziness: indulging too much sex & candy. They like the tangible, and believe in everything that can be seen, smelled or touched. Let them use their hands and you’ll be surprised, what they can build and how they can heal. Taurus votes for a simple life, nothing too complex. They want to be in touch with nature, and with their own body – or yours.

mutable Air 

Talk to me! The master communicator is mentally agile, curious, and flexible. Gemini loves to talk, to gather information, and gossip – the more, the better. No judgement. No limits. They jump freely and frequently from one topic to the next, never really diving deep, always on the go, looking for the next piece of information, much like a butterfly on a mission. Variety and diversity rules – to the detriment of any kind of commitment. But hey, they didn’t sign up for that! Geminis come in this cool double pack, so they can divide themselves up and cover even more ground. Take the hand of this Mercury ruled sign – and they won’t bore you as they'll take you for a wild ride on the information highway. As an Air sign, Gemini lives in their head, and is turned on by any kind of intellectual stimulation. That’s their raison d’être: mind over matter. Make sure to invite them to your party, as they make excellent networkers, and are the best small talkers – actually Gemini is probably the most eloquent of the signs. Take words away from a Gemini and see them crumble.

cardinal Water

“How do you feel?" A great opener for a conversation with the Crab. This shy, but tenacious water sign, is all about FEELING. They have this inner  need to belong to something, or someone, like a tribe, or a family. As a truly feminine sign, Cancer is all about nurturing, and establishing emotional security. It’s the ultimate mother, if you want, and she will caress your head, dry your tears, and brings you hot milk with honey. "Home, sweet home." But don’t be fooled, those claws are not only made for hugging and protecting, but can be snappy when they need to defend themselves; meaning, they will defend their super soft underbelly or their loved ones. Ruled by the Moon, who forever changes shapes, the Cancer type can be on the moody side, especially when it comes to its own feelings. If hurt, they disappear into their notorious shell and won’t come out, until forever. God knows what they do in there; probably snuggling in on soft (!) pillows, looking at old photographs and reminisce about the past. Sentimentality is a state of mind – and it happens to be the go-to place for Crabs. They “feel out” a situation. Oh, and if they happen to feel for you, they can get a bit clingy. 

fixed Fire 

Applause, please! No other sign seems to depend more on this stage experience, than Leo. If you do stroke the big cat, it purrs. The Lion needs you to look at them in admiration – because the appreciation of their persona is more important to them than the air they breathe. The paradox: As much as they need the stage, they are afraid of it at the same time. A Leo's biggest fear is that of going unnoticed AKA a lack of applause. As confident as they might seem, their life mission is about learning to know their own worth, apart form the approval of the crowd. They need to make sure to stay high, meaning upbeat and confident. And then, dear Leo: Put the pride aside; replace it with your biggest gift: a big, warm heart, powered by the Sun (Leos ruling planet). If they manage that, they can become this King, a true and loyal leader, who can illuminate and warm others, while showering them with love and generosity. Leo is good at show and, like all fire signs, contagiously enthusiastic. They can really inspire others to be confident – and to become the best versions of themselves.

mutable Earth

Pure perfection. In order to get to that, the Virgin needs to separate the chaff from the wheat, and decide what is useful, and what can go into the trash. That demands an analytic mind and a hands-on approach: Being a practical Earth sign, ruled by "Mr. Mind" Mercury, Virgo has two pretty fat aces up the sleeve. The biggest danger a Virgo faces, is that of getting lost in the process, in the details; and completely missing out on the big picture by nit picking and obsessing on to-do-lists. But hey, how else can you optimize things and processes? SOMEBODY has to do the work, and Virgo volunteers. This signs’ role in the zodiac is important, but very quiet. It’s no wonder the Virgo type tends to be modest, humble, understated, and oh so kind! We wish, the Virgin could also be kind to herself, for due to all the perfection seeking, this sign tends to really find the flaw in everything; not excluding its very own soul. We love you, Virgin, and we don’t mind you being a bit chaotic, deep down in you beautiful soul. Try to love yourself too and avoid any kind of self criticism. Give yourself credit for cleaning up this world. Thank you!

cardinal Air 

The socialite. The key principle of Libra is about connecting to the other. Ruled by Venus, they believe in love & peace, above all. However, unlike the other Venus ruled sign, Taurus; Libra lives and loves more though the head – not so much with the senses. It is an Air sign, after all, and that makes them experience beauty in a more abstract way, less personal. It’s about the idea of love more than it is about the act of, say, a kiss. (Which doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy that, too). Harmony is sacred to the scale, which symbolizes justice, and yet, every Libra tends to "stress out" about always keeping the balance – which is impossible. Here comes their fear of decisions: Ask a Libra what the like for dinner, and they’ll respond by asking what it is that YOU want!? Harmony rules, to the cost of taking a stand. But relating, in a polite and civilized way, is their job in the zodiac: They are known for their courtesy, grace and charms! A true Libra needs the other, as a mirror, a sounding board, and will definitely meet them as an equal. Diplomacy, compromise, and weighing things out, is both the talent and the curse, of this quite often physically beautiful bridge builder. 

fixed Water

Sexy, scary, Scorpio. No other sign has such a strong reputation of being mysterious, seductive and super dangerous. Nobody wants to feel that sting! This notorious “intensity” can be sensed when a Scorpio quietly (!) enters a room. This might come from its ruling planets Mars (or Pluto, being the modern ruler), both of whom don’t fear anything, not even death itself. Scorpios are willing to go deep, all in. The tendency of living extremes, and diving emotionally deep, gives Scorpio the reputation of being super sexual. The truth is, many Scorpios can do without, which again, is pretty extreme. The gift of Scorpio is that of emotional strength – acted out in total self-control and enormous willpower. Deeply private themselves, the Scorpion wants to get to know every inch of the other – including their darkest secrets. Nothing human is foreign to them, and they are not afraid to take your hand and lead you to your own personal hell – and back. Scorpio thrives in crisis, which makes them great healers, psychologists and mystics. Their religion is this Phoenix story of dying and being reborn: Transformation is what they came here to learn – and to show others. They will lead by example. They give it their all, but they also want the same in return. No half heartedness with our Scorpio friends. Such deepness often goes hand-in-hand with trust issues – and the über loyal Scorpio is uncompromising when it comes to betrayal. The sting will be used, if need be.

mutable fire

The promise of tomorrow. Who is that Cowboy, riding the Centaur? He’s aiming high, that’s for sure – not so sure of where the arrows will land. Actually, he doesn’t care because that’s not what it’s all about – at least not for this most freedom loving Fire sign. It’s pure Wanderlust, that counts. SAG loves traveling and exploring and it’s important that there are no limits, no strings attached (like responsibility, duties and emotional ties). They prefer open ends and open spaces. Faith and belief are also big for the Sagittarius type, as they forever seek the higher truth. Whatever that might be: The meaning of life? Maybe. They love to teach and preach about it, too, hence their reputation as “the philosopher”. Downside: SAG can get a bit of a know-it-all, at times. 

Interested in the bigger picture, they tend to lose traction on the here and now; of what’s right in front of them. But this child of Jupiter is lucky, most of the times. Sagittarius believes, that things will always turn out in their favor. Hence, this endless and contagious optimism - which always puts the most beautiful smile on their face. They need something to look forward to, the promise of tomorrow. Idealistic, rather than realistic; always up for the next adventure. Catch that Pony, if you can.

cardinal Earth

Up that hill. It is typical compulsive behavior of a Capricorn; to always have a goal. A mountain to climb – and please, don’t ask them why. It’s the work that needs to be done, and Capricorn is the last sign that is afraid of working hard. On the contrary, that seems to be what the Goat lives for. Taking responsibility comes easy to them, and they always manage to carry the burden of the world on their shoulders (which, btw, nobody asked them to do!). Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is here to learn and teach about structure, limitations, time – and reality. And because they know about our limited time here on earth, they get shit done. But wait a minute: The symbol of that sign has a fishtail! Capricorn is also known as  the sea goat, and as such, is a mystical creature. The same determination that lets them climb hills, makes them dive into the depth of the ocean. Translated, it means that this cardinal Earth sign is invested in worldly success and material achievement. But its other (often hidden) side wants to swim in the deep, unknown waters of the psyche. Whichever mountain a Capricorn decides to climb, the peak experience isn’t about the applause, nor about material success: The CAP wants mastery.

fixed Air

Beam me up, Scotty! Aquarius is an Air sign, yet, its zodiacal symbol is the water-bearer. Aquarius is full of contradictions, which somehow, make sense. Known for being cool, almost emotionally detached, Aquarius is all about the human race. Hashtag humanity! They believe, that all people are created equal and should be treated that way, yet, Aquarius doesn’t really want to be one of them. They might be the most socially friendly sign, super interested in people – but on a more personal level, they actually don’t like people! Friendly to all, but not close to anyone. So many friends / but where is the family? Who is this sign ruled by both the structure God Saturn, and this electric, rebellious Uranus? It’s no wonder some Aquarians feel and look like aliens. Fact is: Aquarius is an unconventional and strongly independent spirit. Revolutionary, and genius at core, they won’t be told what to think, or do. They come up with their own judgments (and can be quite intolerant, at times). Their sharp intellect won’t let them stand still; that is why this sign is associated with technology and progress. If anyone can get us all out of this, it’s an Aquarius. Beam me up, Scotty!

mutable Water

The Muse. With this last of the 12 signs, the zodiac ends. Pisces land is boundary-free and everything dissolves into – love. After all, Jesus chose the fish as his logo. This is not to imply that Pisces owns spirituality, whereas all the other 11 signs are rather simple minds. But Pisces does still carry the key to paradise – and the fish is here to show us. Pisces is the muse. With their chameleon like quality, they can be anything for you. Here comes the perfect screen for projections, and they will simultaneously project upon the other in return. No wonder, Hollywood is run by a bunch of Pisces ;-) !

The whole concept of reality might get a bit blurry, with this Neptune (and Jupiter) ruled sign. Pisces is like a scent, a melody, or a swarm of fish: It is hart to grasp them, or pin them down. A true Pisces isn’t calculating. They see the beauty in the other soul (no matter if it’s a gangster, a doctor or a wall street broker). The downside of so much compassion: Their weak sense of self, and lack of ego, makes them the perfect victim. Longing is a big word for them. They think, all they want is love. Perhaps the Piscean yearning is the pooled search of all 12 signs of the zodiac: A spiritual longing for “God”.

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