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Mutable Earth

Pure perfection. In order to get to that, the Virgin needs to separate the chaff from the wheat, and decide what is useful, and what can go into the trash. That demands an analytic mind and a hands-on approach: Being a practical Earth sign, ruled by "Mr. Mind" Mercury, Virgo has two pretty fat aces up his sleeve. The biggest danger a Virgo faces, is that of getting lost in the process, in the details; and completely missing out on the big picture by nit picking and obsessing on to-do-lists. But hey, how else can you optimize things and processes? SOMEBODY has to do the work, and Virgo volunteers. This signs’ role in the zodiac is important, but very quiet. It’s no wonder the Virgo type tends to be modest, humble, understated, and oh so kind! We wish the Virgin could also be kind to herself, for due to all the perfection seeking, this sign tends to really find the flaw in everything; not excluding its very own soul. We love you, Virgin, and we don’t mind you being a bit chaotic, deep down in you beautiful soul. Try to love yourself too and avoid any kind of self criticism. Give yourself credit for cleaning up this world. Thank you!

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