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Fixed Fire 

Applause, please! No other sign seems to depend more on this stage experience, than Leo. If you stroke the big cat, it purrs. The Lion needs you to look at them in admiration – because the appreciation of their persona is more important to them than the air they breathe. The paradox: As much as they need the stage, they are afraid of it at the same time. Leo's biggest fear is that of going unnoticed AKA a lack of applause. As confident as they might seem, their life mission is about learning to know their own worth, apart from the approval of the crowd. They need to make sure to stay high, meaning upbeat and confident. And then, dear Leo: Put the pride aside; replace it with your biggest gift: a big, warm heart, powered by the Sun (Leo's ruling planet). If they manage that, they can become this King, a true and loyal leader, who can illuminate and warm others, while showering them with love and generosity. Leo is good at show and, like all fire signs, contagiously enthusiastic. They can really inspire others to be confident – and to become the best versions of themselves.

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