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Fixed Earth


Here comes sensuality. Like the animal, this sign might be a bit on the slow side, but once aroused, it’s quite impressive in size, strengths – and will. And when on a mission, Taurus won’t move an inch. Call them stubborn, but know that they are super stable; it’s the shoulder material you can lean on. As the first of the earth signs, Taurus wants to have and to hold on to anything. They want to possess, and to preserve. So, what is it that they want to call their own? Everything that is beautiful (Venus is their ruling planet): Chocolate, diamonds, soft cashmere and yes, cash, too. And a garden, and a house, or two. After all, for them, security rules. And sensuality: Nobody else can chill like a Taurus – and enjoy sensual pleasures. The downside is called laziness: indulging too much sex & candy. They like the tangible, and believe in everything that can be seen, smelled or touched. Let them use their hands and you’ll be surprised, what they can build and how they can heal. Taurus votes for a simple life, nothing too complex. They want to be in touch with nature, and with their own body – or yours.

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