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Mutable Water

The Muse. With this last of the 12 signs, the zodiac ends. Pisces land is boundary-free and everything dissolves into – love. After all, Jesus chose the fish as his logo. This is not to imply that Pisces owns spirituality, whereas all the other 11 signs are rather simple minds. But Pisces does still carry the key to paradise – and the fish is here to show us. Pisces is the muse. With their chameleon-like quality, they can be anything for you. Here comes the perfect screen for projections, and they will simultaneously project upon the other in return. No wonder, Hollywood is run by a bunch of Pisces ;-) !

The whole concept of reality might get a bit blurry, with this Neptune (and Jupiter) ruled sign. Pisces is like a scent, a melody, or a swarm of fish: It is hart to grasp them, or pin them down. A true Pisces isn’t calculating. They see the beauty in the other soul (no matter if it’s a gangster, a doctor or a wall street broker). The downside of so much compassion: Their weak sense of self, and lack of ego, makes them the perfect victim. Longing is a big word for them. They think all they want is love. Perhaps the Piscean yearning is the pooled search of all 12 signs of the zodiac: A spiritual longing for “God”.

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