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The Ascendant or rising sign is not an actual planet, but an imaginary point in the sky. It is the zodiac sign that rises on the eastern horizon at the time of our birth. Some call it your “party personality”, what you show and what others notice about you when you enter a room – everything from your looks to your behavior, voice, vibe. The AC is also referred to as “the glasses we wear'', like a prism through which we see the world. To me, it’s a critical degree in your chart, as it sets the tone for the whole horoscope, and determines all 12 houses; “stages of life”. It’s all about how you FEEL this existence and how you approach life.

The Descendant is the point exactly opposite the Ascendant – and together they form the axis of “me” and “you”. The DC also shows how “the other” sees and experiences you. It shows the way we relate, how we approach relationships and what we give to the other, consciously or unconsciously. 

Good to know: Each zodiac sign has a ruling planet AKA the planet that’s at home in that sign. The ruling planet of your Ascendent is called your chart ruler, meaning: you want to pay extra attention to how that planet is positioned in your chart.

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