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Cardinal Air 

The socialite. The key principle of Libra is about connecting to the other. Ruled by Venus, they believe in love & peace, above all. However, unlike the other Venus ruled sign, Taurus; Libra lives and loves more though the head – not so much with the senses. It is an Air sign, after all, and that makes them experience beauty in a more abstract way, less personal. It’s about the idea of love more than it is about the act of, say, a kiss. (Which doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy that, too). Harmony is sacred to the scale, which symbolizes justice, and yet, every Libra tends to "stress out" about always keeping the balance – which is impossible. Here comes their fear of decisions: Ask a Libra what the like for dinner, and they’ll respond by asking what it is that YOU want!? Harmony rules, to the cost of taking a stand. But relating, in a polite and civilized way, is their job in the zodiac: They are known for their courtesy, grace and charms! A true Libra needs the other, as a mirror, a sounding board, and will definitely meet them as an equal. Diplomacy, compromise, and weighing things out, is both the talent and the curse of this quite often physically beautiful bridge builder. 

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