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Cardinal Fire

The pioneer. Courageous and bold, the Ram is the first sign of the Zodiac and loves it: It needs to be first – in life, in general. Aries’ world is all about courage, and they do feel like pure springtime energy. Vivid, and a bit competitive, they don’t seem to be afraid of anything; not even this dare devil inside that needs to go head first. Call it naive, like a child running off, enthusiastic, discovering things, Aries energy is young and carefree. This sign needs action more than anything else. If they want something, they won’t hesitate to go get it. NOW is a word they’d tattoo on their forehead. No fear. No mercy, either: And this little ME ME ME undertone is something that makes them really not like to compromise. Why should they = let’s call it having a healthy sense of self. The downside: Aries tends to take everything rather personally. 

This fire sign is fast in making decisions. Actually, they do everything fast. Having a cause brings out the best in Aries, as they love to fight (with Mars being their ruling planet) for someone else, for themselves, and for no reason, too. Always honest and direct. If you have an Aries on your side, they fight for you without hesitation, even if it costs their own life.

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