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Fixed Water


Sexy, scary, Scorpio. No other sign has such a strong reputation of being mysterious, seductive and super dangerous. Nobody wants to feel that sting! This notorious “intensity” can be sensed when a Scorpio quietly (!) enters a room. This might come from its ruling planets Mars (or Pluto, being the modern ruler), both of whom don’t fear anything, not even death itself. Scorpios are willing to go deep, all in. The tendency of living extremes, and diving emotionally deep, gives Scorpio the reputation of being super sexual. The truth is, many Scorpios can do without, which again, is pretty extreme. The gift of Scorpio is that of emotional strength – acted out in total self-control and enormous willpower. Deeply private themselves, the Scorpion wants to get to know every inch of the other – including their darkest secrets. Nothing human is foreign to them, and they are not afraid to take your hand and lead you to your own personal hell – and back. Scorpio thrives in crisis, which makes them great healers, psychologists and mystics. Their religion is this Phoenix story of dying and being reborn: Transformation is what they came here to learn – and to show others. They will lead by example. They give it their all, but they also want the same in return. No half heartedness with our Scorpio friends. Such deepness often goes hand-in-hand with trust issues – and the über loyal Scorpio is uncompromising when it comes to betrayal. The sting will be used, if need be.

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