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Cardinal Water

“How do you feel?" A great opener for a conversation with the Crab. This shy, but tenacious water sign, is all about FEELING. They have this inner  need to belong to something, or someone, like a tribe, or a family. As a truly feminine sign, Cancer is all about nurturing, and establishing emotional security. It’s the ultimate mother, if you want, and she will caress your head, dry your tears, and brings you hot milk with honey. "Home, sweet home." But don’t be fooled, those claws are not only made for hugging and protecting, but can be snappy when they need to defend themselves; meaning, they will defend their super soft underbelly or their loved ones. Ruled by the Moon, who forever changes shapes, the Cancer type can be on the moody side, especially when it comes to its own feelings. If hurt, they disappear into their notorious shell and won’t come out, until forever. God knows what they do there; probably snuggling in on soft (!) pillows, looking at old photographs and reminiscing about the past. Sentimentality is a state of mind – and it happens to be the go-to place for Crabs. They “feel out” a situation. Oh, and if they happen to feel for you, they can get a bit clingy. 

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