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Saturn comes with those pretty little rings – and with a bad reputation. It’s the planet that governs time and old age – and restrictions, boundaries and frustration. Great! Fact is, without Saturn's gravitas, Jupiter would fly off into space and never be seen again. Saturn holds things in place. Without him, we would be lazy, and fat, and nothing would get done – ever. 

The Saturn placement in our chart shows us where we aim to achieve mastery, but it also shows where we won’t ever get mastery. Saturn wants it to be a lifelong learning of something that we feel we should be better at. We keep trying. This planet's mission is to teach us about commitment, and he wants us to know hard work pays off. Saturn might not be as fun as the other planets – but life has more to offer than strawberry ice cream, right?! No planet in the universe wants to harm us, and even Saturns’ famous reality check is not intended to ruin the party, but rather to keep us from chasing rainbows. The good news is if chasing rainbows is your biggest dream, guess who will help you achieve your goal….

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