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Mutable Fire


The promise of tomorrow. Who is that Cowboy, riding the Centaur? He’s aiming high, that’s for sure – not so sure of where the arrows will land. Actually, he doesn’t care because that’s not what it’s all about – at least not for this most freedom loving Fire sign. It’s pure Wanderlust, that counts. SAG loves traveling and exploring and it’s important that there are no limits, no strings attached (like responsibility, duties and emotional ties). They prefer open ends and open spaces. Faith and belief are also big for the Sagittarius type, as they forever seek the higher truth. Whatever that might be: The meaning of life? Maybe. They love to teach and preach about it, too, hence their reputation as “the philosopher”. Downside: SAG can get a bit of a know-it-all, at times. 

Interested in the bigger picture, they tend to lose traction on the here and now; of what’s right in front of them. But this child of Jupiter is lucky, most of the time. Sagittarius believes that things will always turn out in their favor. Hence, this endless and contagious optimism - which always puts the most beautiful smile on their face. They need something to look forward to, the promise of tomorrow. Idealistic, rather than realistic; always up for the next adventure. Catch that Pony, if you can.


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